Refund Policy


A Return and Refund Policy is the agreement where you inform customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds.

It usually includes the following information:

  1. How many days they have to return a product
  2. How will they receive the refund (credit or replacement)
  3. If you offer a refund for the products.
  4. Who pays for shipping to return the product,  And so on


The “Return and Refund Policy” Generator will create a custom policy for your eCommerce store.

most e-commerce stores have a return or refund policy. this includes retail stores as well.

Customers must give the response on why they want the refund on this item. This is the “policy procedure” where you can find out on what conditions you can get the refund of your project.

The Policy is based on the 3 legal agreements of e-commerce business could have:

  1. The “Return and Refund Policy”. Use this agreement to inform users about the policies on returns and refunds.
  2. The “Privacy Policy” agreement. This is required by law. That we are authorized to get this information from the client(e.g. email addresses, first and last names), you are required by law to have this agreement.
  3. The “Terms and Conditions” agreement.This is optional but recommended. This agreement is to set the rules and guidelines for the users when they register an account. You have to mention the reason why you want the refund or the Return.